VT1 Scooter Shoe

The VT1 is a high-quality shoe designed specifically for scooter riders

The VEX VT1 is a high-quality shoe, designed to meet the demands of scooter riders, while still being a nice looking casual shoe.

The upper is made of high-strength suede and canvas, and the vulcanised sole is thick, with a 400NBS durability rating to protect against heel bruise, and to last. 400NBS is the highest grade of rubber that still allows a shoe to be flexible and avoid cracking.

There are three colour-ways available, in sizes US7-12. Check out the images further down.

The VT1 is available now at retailers in Australia, the United Kingdom, the USA and most of Europe. If your local shop doesn’t stock them, tell them they should!

Who's Wearing Them?

Some of the best riders in the world rep VEX. Here are a few examples.