VEX is a footwear and accessories company based in Queensland, Australia. We aim to provide scooter riders high-quality, good looking, comfortable shoes that can cope with the demands of scootering.


Starting out in 2006/07 VEX was originally a bar company and was the brainchild of Flea, Anthony Coombes and some input from Kane Hunt. We made a couple of shirts using our own screening gear and also some stickers. We were one of the first companies doing one-piece bars in the world and probably the first in Australia. Made of mild steel, they were pretty heavy but we still sold a few.

After a little while Flea was very busy with his day job and didn’t have enough time to spend on VEX so SIXX scooters and VEX merged, keeping the already established name VEX and was basically taken over by Josh Smith-Thirkell. A mate of ours, Andrew, had access to a welder through his father. Chromoly bars were planned but the story is the wrong size piping came in. So, again, everything was postponed.

Josh eventually moved away and VEX drifted into obscurity. After a fair hiatus Flea decided in 2010 to resurrect VEX and turn it into a Streetwear/Acessories Company delivering the raddest gear out there. We sold a few shirts, but nothing major.

In early 2012 we decided to get up and running again. Since then we’ve expanded our team of riders, and turned our focus to footwear.